We are using a type of light that is safe for people, animals, and plants while it is able to fully disinfect the air and surfaces of any pathogens, from bacteria to coronaviruses.


The light does not penetrate the protein barrier of the skin or the eyes but does enter the fatty membrane of viruses and bacteria, messing up their RNA and making them unable to function.


From above, we not only illuminate and clean, but we can also detect and provide early warning of a wide range of risks, from fire to contagion risks of people with a fever.

CloudStars provide...

  • Security and cleanliness of germs and bacteria in any crowded environment, from refugee camps to a Football stadium, with privacy

  • Better management of  crisis situations through better visibility of scenarios, happenings & actions

  • Security, awareness, and cleanliness for affected NGOs, municipalities, factories, offices, and other institutions operating in crisis regions

  • Security and cleanliness in cities that must be kept clean for the residents always

  • Security and cleanliness at border crossings that must be kept clean for the residents and for guests

  • Security, safety, and cleanliness throughout forest management and fire prevention procedures based on 360 imagery, both in the infrared and visible spectra.

  • In general, Cloudstars create a safe environment by eliminating all pathogens, by identifying other known and unknown disease patterns, and by providing early warning of more potential sources of risks for humans, animals and for the general wellbeing of the environment

  • Pathogens are eliminated, contagion risks are identified in a safe and environmentally friendly manner with the use of a methodology that's owned by Cloudstar Solutions            

  • Here's what we provide along with your CloudStar order or lease :

  • CloudStar, including its Gondola, Aerostat, Ground Station, Console, Winch, and Container

  • Cables, mechanical, power and data- structure

  • Recurring management of your device so as to improve your experience as the manager of your CloudStar (providing Helium, spare parts and support)

  • Documentation and training to safely use and deploy the device

  • Initial deployment together with your team

  • Maintenance for 1 year

  • EASA Certification for your specific device                                    

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