CloudStar FAQ’s

Can I order my CloudStar with a specific shape or logo?

Yes, we can customize the design of the aerostat to fit your needs

What if the balloon explodes?

The balloon cannot explode, it's filled with inert helium gas. It’s high and hard to reach. If somehow a puncture developed, it would simply reduce the buoyancy and would be reeled back to base with the winch

Isn’t UV light bad for you?

There are different types of UV light and for each, different dosages. We have selected Far-UVC of 222nm because it’s 100% effective against viruses and bacteria at doses that are safe for people

Aren’t you Big Brother?

We fight pandemics with 21st Century tools and 21st Century values, of which privacy is an important one. No personal information is stored. The system does not need facial recognition to tell if a person is safe or a contagion risk, in fact we pixelate the faces

Why are you prioritizing refugees?

Because it’s the right thing to do. The truth is that this technology could have been applied from January all over Europe. And yes, we use tools where they are needed the most. Most folks can actually do social distancing, it’s much more difficult in camps that hold many times the number of people for which they were conceived

How do you deal with data privacy?

We do not capture personal data, just statistical anonymized data of how many people have a fever, how they do behave, how many people they get close to, etc?

Will there be other CloudStars after CloudSun?

Yes, we are working to deploy other CloudStars around the world and the CloudStation at the edge of the atmosphere